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1. 1. The European Environment Festival "Green Wave - 21st Century" aims to present films and TV programmes dedicated to ecology and environmental protection and to contribute to fostering a competitive film making environment for individual film and television companies and independent producers. The main objective is to promote the production of competitive films and media products which raise public awareness of environmental issues and promote an environmentally friendly culture in contemporary society, thus contributing to the protection of human life, the conservation of other biological species and the protection of the environment.
1. 2.Films and TV programmes eligible for entry in the competition programme shall be dedicated to environmental issues including climate change, air and water quality, waste disposal, industrial pollution and hazard management, chemicals in the environment, genetically modified organisms and foods, noise pollution, biodiversity and the protection of human life. Travel films and productions concerning the protection of cultural and natural heritage also are eligible, along with investigative journalism productions on current environmental issues.
1. 3.All licensed film, television companies and independent producers may participate in the competition in each category.


2. 1. Festival entries shall compete in the following categories:

  • Documentary films
  • Scientific and educational films
  • Television programmes dedicated to ecology and environmental protection
  • Travel films and productions about the protection of cultural and natural heritage
  • Video spots

2.2. Applicants may submit more than one film or TV programme in each category.
2.3. Applicants admitted to the competition programme may make a presentation of their production. If you wish to present your production, please apply in advance.


3. 1. Competition productions must have been realized after 1 January, 2011. Films and TV programmes produced before this date may only participate in the information section of the Festival.
3. 2. The maximum duration of each production shall not exceed 60 minutes.
3. 3. Please, state the category for which you are submitting your festival entries and fill in a separate form for each additional production.
3. 4. Films and TV programmes must be sent on 1 demonstration video tape (VHS, CD or DVD) and on a screening tape (or disc) in one of the following formats: Betacam SP Pal or DVD.
3. 5. Productions must be in English or with English subtitles.
3. 6. Entrants are advised to provide the following additional materials:

  • Complete dialogue list n English of the competing production;
  • Stills from the production.

3. 7. The deadline for submitting application forms is 25 August, 2013.

3. 8. Films and TV programmes should arrive at the address of the Foundation no later than 31 August, 2013.

3. 9. 3. Films and TV programmes should be sent by post to the following address:

European Environment Festival Foundation
4 Slaveykov sq., 4 th floor, office 401
1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
е-mail: greenwave@euroekofest.org

3. 10.Discs/cassettes bearing the competition entries shall only be returned to the senders if explicitly requested in the application form. Return postage shall be at the sender's expense. Expenses related to the delivery and return of competition entries to the address of the Foundation shall be covered by participants. Productions not returned to the senders shall remain in the festival archive.
3. 11. The European Environment Festival Foundation reserves the right to a second public non-commercial screening of the productions following the Festival for the purpose of promoting its aims.
3. 12. The European Environment Festival Foundation reserves the right to present award-winning festival productions for non-commercial purposes during the Green Cinema: Environmental Film Week, organized by the Foundation in December, 2013 at the Czech Center, Sofia.


4. 1. Festival competition entries shall be evaluated by an International Jury, consisting of leading media experts and professionals working in the field of ecology and the environment. Selection of the competing films and TV programmes shall be carried out by a Selection Committee approved by the Chairman of the Board of the European Environment Festival Foundation.
4. 2. The members of the jury shall evaluate the productions according to the following criteria:

  • Social significance of the environmental issues covered and their significance in terms of environment-related human rights;
  • Depth of coverage and analysis of the topic;
  • Cinematographic qualities;
  • Educational effect;
  • Strength and impact of the message.

4. 3. The Jury reserves the right to relocate productions to other categories or not to allocate any awards in a given category if it considers that no entries meet the requirements.


5. 1.The following awards shall be given at the festival:

  • The Grand Stork's Nest Award, conceived by Tzvetan Tzvetanov, Attorney-at-Law and Chairman of the Board of the European Environment Festival Foundation, and created by the Macedonian sculptor Andrei Mitevski, in each of the categories;
  • Special awards for prize-winning films and TV programmes;
  • An award for the Best South-East European Environmental Film will be given for productions from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia or Turkey. The aim is to promote productions dedicated to ecology and environmental protection in the region;
  • An award from the Mayor of the host town will be presented separately.

5. 2.Attendance in person of Festival Grand Prize award winners would be particularly desirable in terms of festival protocol.


6. 1.Each organization or independent producer may send representatives to the Festival. Travel expenses shall be covered by competition participants.
6. 2. The festival organisers shall accommodate the participants and guests of the Festival on a “first come, first served” basis.
6. 3. The deadline for hotel reservation applications is 31 August 2013.
6. 4. Hotel reservations for the duration of the festival can be made in the Accommodation section.
6. 5. The festival organizers shall bear no liability for any lack of vacant accommodation during the festival forum. Accordingly, timely reservation and payment are recommended.
6. 6. Accreditations can be made without limitation for every day until the end of the festival.


7. 1. Working languages of the festival – Bulgarian and English.
7. 2.Application forms for Festival and Round Table participation and for hotel reservations can be filled in online at www.euroekofest.org .
7. 3. Please fill in the application forms correctly and precisely. Failure to do so may invalidate your application for participation.
7. 4. The festival organizers shall determine the programme and the schedule of screenings.
7. 5. All entries to the competition and non-competition programmes shall be screened in the halls of the festival.
7. 6.Access to the screenings of both competition and information section programmes shall be unlimited and free of charge.
7. 7. These Regulations are issued in Bulgarian and in English. In the event of any contradiction between the two, the Bulgarian text shall be valid.
7. 8. The organizer of the festival reserves the right not to admit productions which do not meet the requirements set out in these Regulations.
7. 9. By sending a participation form you agree to the conditions laid down in the regulations.

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