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The Municipality of Kardzhali is located in the South-Eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the biggest municipality in the Eastern-Rhodope mountain range, covering an area of 642 sq. km , which is 20% of the territory of Kardzhali District and is also 0.51% of the whole country`s territory.
It covers 117 villages, administered in 45 town councils. It borders the municipalities of: Haskovo, Stambolovo , Momchilgrad , Ardino and Chernoochene. Permanent residents of the Municipality are 70 196 people as to 1st March, 2001.

The town of Kardzhali has become a real administrative, commercial, cultural and industrial centre which belongs not only of the Municipality of Kardzhali, but also to the whole Eastern Rhodopes. The town is 259 km away from Sofia and 90 km away from the town of Plovdiv which is the second largest town in Bulgaria. For the time being, the nearest border checkpoint “Captain Andreevo” is 132 km away from the town and it connects Bulgaria to the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Greece.

Considerable amounts of investments have been attracted to this town in order to build many industrial, construction and trade companies. Thus, it has become the economic centre of Kardzhali District.

6600, Kardzhali,
41 "Bulgaria" Blvd.
Municipality of Kardzhali
tel. (+359 361) 6-73-02
faks: (+359 361) 6-29-68
e-mail: municipalitykj@mail.bg, mayorkardjali@mail.bg
web site:


Welcoming speech by the Mayor of Kardzhali Municipality - Eng. Hasan Azis





For the third year running, the Municipality of Kardzhali has the honour of hosting the 8th International Environmental Festival “Green Wave -21st Century”, organised by the European Environment Festival Foundation. This festival contributes to making the general public aware of current environmental problems and nature conservation activities by screening contemporary films and television programmes dedicated to ecology and environmental protection.

This year's festival will take place from 27 to 29 September 2013, with the main aim of promoting environmental culture and improving the knowledge, awareness and commitment of the public to undertaking nature conservation activities for the protection of human health and the environment.

The main priority of the municipality of Kardzhali is to improve the quality of the environment in which we live and to make the municipality more attractive, not only as a place to live, but also for investment. A major contribution to achieving this aim will be made by the major environmental investment projects implemented in this municipality.

An important priority is the construction of a waste water treatment plant and collector and the extension and reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage networks in Kardzhali. Another major project is in the process of implementation. This is the Kardzhali Regional Waste Management Centre. A gas main is to be provided from Haskovo to Kardzhali and a natural gas supply network project is currently being implemented in the town. The first and second phases of development of the new Arpezos North Park and a business park, covering an area of about 100 decares, have concluded. This is one of the largest new projects in Bulgaria funded by the Regional Development Operational Programme. The third phase in the development of the Arpezos North Park has now begun. This project involves the development of about 50 decares of parkland in the town centre, the rehabilitation of 5000 m2 and the reconstruction of pavements and streets in the town centre, along with energy-saving street lighting and cycle paths leading to the park. The project also includes a football pitch, handball and basketball courts, volleyball and badminton courts, a bowling alley in the park, table tennis tables, a beach volleyball court, open-air fitness training equipment, a children's play area and more.

Our efforts are intended to turn the Municipality of Kardzhali into a clean and well-ordered place for contented and enterprising residents to live in harmony between economic progress and the preservation of nature. I hope that this festival will make us all more responsible with regard to protecting the environment and will help us to "think green".

Allow me on my own behalf, on behalf of my colleagues from the Municipality of Kardzhali and on behalf of our partners from the European Environmental Festival Foundation to wish all participants every success in their noble efforts.


September 2013

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