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germany, 2004, 26 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: christoph schuch
Director: christoph schuch
cinematographer: rudiger Kortz, Jo schmidt
music: georg reichelt
producer: ilona grundmann

Annotation: In a sheltered valley in the county of Surrey there lies England’s most beautiful sculpture park. The area has been laid out by the New Zealand garden architect Anthony Paul. The selection of sculptures is made by his wife, the gallery owner Hannah Peschar. The water found in the valley is used very skillfully in ponds and streams. As a whole, Paul has laid out the garden in such a gentle manner that it is hard to identify the borders between nature and design. The already existing trees he cut in a way which would reinforce their effect. Paul’s interaction with the contrasts between open and sheltered spaces goes hand in hand with the tradition of the English landscape garden. Yet he is also familiar with the gardening principles of the Renaissance. He, for instance, employs various waterworks with the help of ‘state of the art’ equipment.

military television channel
Bulgaria, 2005, 20 min, mpg 2
category: film and tv programmes
dealing with the ecological conditions
in the Danube river catchment basin
Written by: Dessi Dimitrova
Director: Uliana mateva
cinematographer: Kiril Handjiev
music: Yana pipkova
producer: military television channel

Annotation: The film is about the consequences of the third wave of the floods in Bulgaria in 2006. On August 6th it started raining and it did not stop for 48 hours. The film catches people’s sorrows and pain within hours after the rain. People tell about their helplessness but they also share the hope that they will survive despite the tragedy.

italy, 2005, 60 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: fulvio montano
Director: fulvio montano
cinematographer: alberto airola
music: giuseppe senatore
producer: fulvio montano
Distributor: fulvio montano

Annotation: Risen to the limelight of the national chronicles at the end of the 80’s, the ACNA case is a symbolic event not only of Italy of the economic “boom”, but of the whole industrialization process of the country, what bases its roots into a development practice entirely aiming to the profit and totally opposite to the human and environmental costs this involves. The ten-year history of the Cengio factory and the war won by the peasants against the Moloch polluting their river, is together hold of conscience of an ecological perspective in embryo and reaffirmation of an indisputable valley identity borrowed by the tradition. Based on the alternation between the narration in first person of the protagonists and the material of the archives collected by peasants, the documentary is a travel in the memory and in geography of the places and the witnesses of the events, to the discovery of the present and the past of Bormida Valley, its people and its history.

austria, 2005, 51:56 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: steve nicholls, alfred vendl
Director: steve nicholls, alfred vendl
cinematographer: Kevin flay
music: steven faux
producer: steve nicholls and alfred vendl
Distributor: off the fence

Annotation: Some of the richest forests in the world cover the ridges and valleys of the southern Appalachians. This film explores the hidden worlds of these remote valleys, and uncovers a wealth of nature, from bears and salamanders to vultures and flying squirrels. But human culture here is as rich as the natural history. These mountains were the heartland
of the Cherokee Nation, and the film producers worked with Cherokee living there today to re-create their view of the forest world. Later, European settlers helped create the distinctive culture of modern Appalachia, and to evoke all these elements the film is set to a unique score, especially composed, which combines traditional music from all these cultures.

Bulgarian national television - Bnt
Bulgaria, 2005, 30 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: Kuzman petrov, valeri Yakov
Director: rumyana angelakova
cinematographer: feodor surgov
muzika: Desislava Dimcheva
producer: Bnt
Distributor: Bnt

Annotation: A television tour across the southern part of the Pirin Mountain. The region of the highest cabin in Bulgaria – “Bezbog”, Popovski circus with the largest lake in Pirin, Zhelyaznata Vrata (Damir Kapia – The Iron Gates), the valley of the Katuna Bistritsa River and the Popovi livadi area strike with amazing views and surprising panoramas. A stay at this part of Pirin not only gives pleasure to tourists but wins them for life as its great admirers. This is what many Bulgarian and foreign mountaineers say. The picturesque villages in Southern Pirin, which we saw with the camera, not only comprise an ecologic
region but impress with their original architecture and cultural heritage.

the turkish radio and tv corporation
turkey, 2006, 24 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Director: Daver atabey
cinematographers: aytekin Kabadere, gorkem
ozok, Hasim Durtas
music: irfan gurdal
producer: trt
Distributor: trt

Annotation: Using the Sparrow Hawk as a bird hunter is an old time tradition in the Eastern parts of the Black Sea Region. The film tells about the catching, training and quail hunting by using a sparrow hawk beside the stories of the native people of the region.

austria, 2005, 51:50 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: paul reddish
Director: paul reddish
cinematographer: mike potts
music: Kurt adametz
producer: paul reddish
Distributor: orf

Annotation: Lower California in Mexico is home to many unique and little known creatures and plants. On Either side lie remarkable waters. The Pacific is wild and wave swept, but sheltered lagoons provide a haven for grey whales and their new born babies. To the East lies the Sea of Cortez, where giant manta rays and colourful dolphin fish live: John Steinbeck traveled through this azure sea and wrote of its many biological wonders. From its discovery by the conquistador, Hernan Cortez, up to the present day, Baja has guarded its secrets, and remains “The Other California”.

rai radiotelevisione italiana
italy, 2005, 25 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: sergio ferraris
Director: stefano Zolla
producer: rai Educational - sud nord
Distributor: rai trade

Annotation: Barcelona is one of the cities that is in the front-rank in the achievement of a more sustainable urban environment. In a few years’ time the Catalan capital city re-designed its own structure to fit most of urban activities to men’s needs: water, transportations, green areas, places for socialization, private consumptions, homes and services. The highest challenge is energy and the authorities of Barcelona are trying to win it, by pursuing a more efficient production and use. This happened without sacrificing city’s regional dimension and Mediterranean tradition.

austria, 2000, 48:30 min, betacam sp pal
category: film and tv programmes dealing with the
ecological conditions in the Danube river catchment
Written by: paul reddish and Dr. Walter Koehler
Director: paul reddish
cinematographer: mike potts
music: nicholas Hooper
producer: paul reddish
Distributor: BBc worldwide

Annotation: It is one of Europe’s largest nature reserves, and in spite of the ecological problems in surrounding areas, it still seems to be ecologically intact - the Danube delta in Romania. The continent’s most numerous colony of pelicans lives here. Wolves prowl about the watery wilderness. Giant fish, members of the sturgeon family, glide through the Danube’s deep waters. Not long ago, in Ceaucescu’s time, there were plans for large industrial complexes to be built here; great parts of the river swamps were to be drained. Today, the Romanian government remembers its natural heritage and has disvovered the wonders of the Delta for tourist exploitation.

centro sperimentale di cinematografia
italy, 2005, 80 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: fausto molina
Director: fausto molina
cinematographer: simona Di giorgio
music: andres rump, rosa Balistreri
producer: centro sperimentale di
Distributor: centro sperimentale di

Annotation: Brianza is an “essay” film representing the industrial modern paysage in Europe, that is - the jobs, the challenge, the individual and the collective struggles aiming to make livable the territory itself.

studio Hamburg produktion / nDr naturfilm
germany, 2005, 44 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: Ernst sasse
Director: Ernst sasse
cinematographer: Ernst sasse, Hans-peter Kuttler
music: Klaus Hillebrecht
producer: Joern roever
Distributor: parthenon Entertainment ltd.

Annotation: Steep cliffs, picturesque beaches, crystal-clear water – Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast draws sun seekers from all over Europe. Merry music in the evenings, wild dances and colourful folkloristic dresses – one can find all Balkan stereotypes there. But Bulgaria has more to offer than beaches and the sea. It has wild mountains of over 2,500 metres where bears and wolves roam; hostile rock formations where vultures circle; the picturesque plain of the Danube with its bee-eaters and European rollers. All this adds up to the other, the unknown Bulgaria. The sparsely populated Balkan country on the brink between Europe and Asia has preserved its unique wealth of animals and plants.

production center “Horosho production”
russia, 2006, 25 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: marina shelubskaya
Director: marina shelubskaya
cinematographer: anatolii Zasuha
producer: natalia ivanova
Distributor: production center “Horosho production”

slovakia, 2005, 15 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: Jana minarikova
Director: Jana minarikova
cinematographer: laco Janostak
music: laco Korbel
producer: vsmU
Distributor: vsmU
Annotation: Chicken point of view.

the turkish radio and tv corporation
turkey, 2004, 41 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: Ece soydam
Director: Ece soydam
cinematographer: mazlum Demirbag,
Erdinc tunc, cengiz senel
music: sinan sakizli
producer: Ece soydam
Distributor: trt

Annotation: The four-season tale of the Anatolian wild sheep, which in the whole world exists only in Bozdag, Konya... The wild sheep which were taken under protection in the 1960s when they became endangered, still struggle to survive. They are the leading actors of this documentary. “Children of the Steppe”, the first wildlife documentary in Turkey that covers only one wild animal species, witnesses the lives of other animals such as the golden eagle, ground squirrel and wolf, that share the same habitat with the wild sheep.

studio family Zommer&Zommer
russia, 2004, 30 min, mini Dv
category: scientific
Written by: Elena Zommer
Director: Elena Zommer
cinematographer: nina sapozhkova
producer: studio family Zommer&Zommer

Annotation: This film is devoted to the nature of Eastern Siberia and a unique bird of sparrow family living on the mountain rivers. It is ordinary Cinclus cinclus. All life of this surprising bird is connected to water. It is a unique kind of singing birds which extract a forage, running under water in a bottom of the mountain rivers. But, living in mountains, environmental the biggest and clean lake in the world - Baikal, birds also master a coastal zone of lake. The biology of this interesting bird is discussed in connection with climatic and natural features of an area of its dwelling.

Awards: diploms - Kairuan 2004/2005 and Irkutsk 2004

Bulgarian national television - Bnt
Bulgaria, 2005, 24 min, DvD
category: Documentary
Written by: tzvetelina atanassova
Director: valentin gonevski
cinematographer: valentin gonevski
producer: panorama film ltd
Distributor: Bnt

Annotation: This film reveals the problem of the Black Sea ecological status. Through interviews with experts and ordinary fisherman the authors of the film try to give answer to the question about our sea’s purity.

austria, 2006, 65 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: Danesch Emanuel
Director: Danesch Emanuel
cinematographer: timtom, Krisztina
Kerekes, thomas muenster
music: robert gruendler, christian schroeder
producer: Danesch Emanuel
Distributor: Danesch Emanuel, simone Hoeller

Annotation: The film shows on the one hand how much/little two Austrian companies (OMV and VA Tech) value Corpporate Social Responsibility. On the other hand it reveals what remains of the company’s promise to responsibility at the end of the chain of influence where the actions of the companies make an impact: in a village located in the flooding area of a barrage in South-Eastern Turkey and in a village in an exploration field in Southern Sudan.

austria, 2004, 53:35 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: paul reddish
Director: paul reddish
cinematographer: mike potts
music: nicholas Hooper
producer: paul reddish
Distributor: orf
Annotation: Over half of Cuba’s plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth. They include the smallest four-legged animal on earth and the world’s most aggressive crocodile. This programme looks at these little known creatures and investigates how they arrived and thrived on the tropical island.

Awards: Golden Eagle Award - Cine Golden Eagle, Washington

czech republic, 2004, 22 min, DvD
category: tv programmes
Written by: steve lichtag
Director: steve lichtag
cinematographer: matej cibulka
music: paul Kotzian
producer: steve lichtag
Distributor: comfact

Annotation: The film is based on the true story of a 17 years old girl, Veronika. At the age of thirteen, a fall from a tree left her disabled for life. Today, Veronika dreams of turning to a whale and making the oceans her home. Immobilised from her neck down, she has learnt to paint with her mouth. Her paintings help her to escape to the mysterious underwater world of gigantic mammals, which she loves and protects in her dreams.

Awards: Envirofilm 2004 – Slovakia, Audience award; Envirofilm 2004 – Slovakia, Jury award; ISOD 2004 Frymburk – Czech Republic, The best film award; MARMARA Istanbul 2004 – Turkey, Grand Prix; IFF Ekofilm 2004 – Czech Republic,
Audience award; IFDF Tatranska Lomnica 2004 – Slovakia, The best film award; IFF Antibes 2004 – France, The best fiction award; IFF Uherske Hradiste 2004 - Czech Republic, Grand Prix; IFF Uherske Hradiste 2004 - Czech Republic, Audience
award; IFF Belgrade 2004 – Serbia, Grand Prix; IFF PAF Tachov 2005 – The best film award; IFF EMIUPFF Cyprus, 2005 – Turkey, The best film award; IFF Strasbourg 2005 – France, Grand Prix of Jury; IFF Pelagos 2005 – Italy, Best film “master

radio television of serbia
serbia and montenegro, 2005, 28:07 min, betacam sp pal
category: film and tv programmes dealing with the ecological
conditions in the Danube river catchment basin
Written by: Dragana vasiljevic
Director: predrag nikolic
producer: radio television of serbia
Distributor: radio television of serbia

Annotation: The Djerdap Gorge, a hundred kilometres long, is the most beautiful and longest river gorge in the whole Europe. Unique scenery and unity of flora and fauna is, unfortunately, endangered by many illegal dumps and rubbish heaps scattered along the gorge. All sorts of waste is thrown uncontrollably – by the sides of roads, into the river, and all this, in
addition to other polluters and river deposits, arrives at the hydro-electric power plant Djerdap and accumulation lake.

austria, 2005, 48:55 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: sophie cooper
Director: ian gray
cinematographers: John Brown, ian mccarthy, Barrie Britton, Brian
mcDairmant, John aitchison, richard Kirby, michael schlalmberger, rolando
menardi, Wolfgang thaler
music: Barnaby taylor
producer: ian gray
Distributor: BBc worldwide

Annotation: This series opener takes the viewer on an epic 3 billion year journey, unravelling the clues to the dramatic events that have shaped the stunning landscapes and wildlife of Europe today. By peeling back time, witness Oxford roamed by dinosaurs, the Jura vineyards of France swallowed under tropical seas, St. Petersburg buried under desert sands and the mightiest event of all, the birth of the Mediterranean.

Awards: Best of festival-City of Pamplona Award, Best script; Best limited Series- Jackson Hole, USA

austria, 2005, 49:10 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: sophie cooper
Director: mary colwell, pip lawson
cinematographers: robin cox, tim
shepherd, John Brown, mark gottlieb,
richard Kirby, Brian mcDairmant,
rolando menardi, michael schlamberger,
mark payne-gill, John aitchison
music: Barnaby taylor
producer: mary colwell, pip lawson
Distributor: BBc worldwide

Annotation: Over the past 2 million years Europe has been swept by waves of extreme climatic change. 2 km thick ice sheets carved their way across the continent, reaching as far South as London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Mammoths wandered the North Sea, and even lions and hippos roamed Trafalgar Square. Then, shortly before the last great Ice Age released its grip, our ancestors set foot on the continent.

Awards: Best limited Series - Jackson Hole, USA

austria, 2005, 49 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: Jeremy Evans
Director: Klaus feichtenberger
cinematographer: robin cox,
John Brown, Harald staudach,
ian mccarthy, richard Kirby, tim
shepherd, andreas Kieling, steve
cassidy, robert Winkler, mark paynegill,
Barrie Britton
music: Barnaby taylor
producer: Klaus feichtenberger
Distributor: BBc worldwide

Annotation: In the last 10,000 years Europe has been transformed from a largely forested, virgin landscape into the manicured continent we know today, and at an ever-accelerating rate. As culture spread its influence across the land with monumental symbols of ownership, animals were tamed, seeds were sown, forests decimated and minerals excavated. How did wildlife cope with these drastic changes, and what impact did they have on ourselves?

Awards: Best limited Series - Jackson Hole, USA

austria, 2005, 48:49 min, betacam sp pal
category: Documentary
Written by: Jeremy Evans
Director: Klaus feichtenberger
cinematographer: richard Kirby, John Brown,
ian mccarthy, stefano pancaldi, andreas
Kieling, Harald staudach, robert Winkler, tomi
szommer, georg riha
music: Barnaby taylor
producer: Klaus feichtenberger
Distributor: BBc worldwide

Annotation: Today, some 730 million people live in Europe. How is wildlife adapting to this brave new world, who are the winners and losers, and what efforts are we making to help? And ultimately, given the problems with unwelcome and invasive species on the continent through international trade, and an increasingly fickle climate, the future could bring all
sorts of surprises.

Awards: Best limited Series - Jackson Hole, USA

Bulgarian national television - Bnt
Bulgaria, 2006, 27 min, DvD
category: tv programmes
Written by: Katerina Zareva
Director: Dobrin Keresteliev
cinematographer: Kamen Kolev
producer: Bnt
Distributor: Bnt

Annotation: The film features the life of a two-centuryold oak throughout the four seasons of the year. The huge tree lives on a vast meadow by the Pyasachnik dam lake in the Sredna Gora Mountain, Central Bulgaria. Sixty couples of grey herons have built their nests in the head of the tree. Hundreds of Spanish sparrows live in the huge old nests of these imposing
birds as well. The two-hundred-year-old Pedunculate oak (Quercus pedunculiflora) is a perfect vibrant and busy city. The area around the tree is also full of life – a fox family, a badger and hares, as well as various birds and insects live in its vicinity. In hot summer days, cows and buffalos lie down at noon under its shadow. In autumn and winter, when its tenants – the herons and sparrows – have already flown south, storks, predatory and song birds have rest in the tree during their long
journey. After they have watched the life of many animals living around the oak during the four seasons, the team goes back to the oak again in the spring to cover the arrival of the herons. The birds are here but the tree is gone – it has been savagely felled and only a great trunk has left.

Bulgarian national television - Bnt
Bulgaria, 2006, 15 min, DvD
category: scientific
Written by: Krasimir Kirov
Director: Dobrin Keresteliev
cinematographer: Kamen Kolev
producer: Bnt
Distributor: Bnt

central bureau of the information of the ministry of
natural resources of russia (cBi mnr russia)
russia, 2004, 28 min 30 sec, betacam sp pal
category: scientific
Written by: vasily sarana, vsevolod Konstantinovs
Director: vasily sarana, alexander Biryuk
cinematographer: vasily sarana
music: sound producer
producer: alexander Biryu

Annotation: The land of the table mountains, canyons and waterfalls extends along the north-east of the Middle Siberian Upland. Nearly 200 square kilometers of the virgin taiga and mountain tundra live here with their initial lifestyle. Today these mountains have become the last northern border of the territory, where capercailyes can fight for their females far from endangering hunters and powerful civilization. It is hard to understand why the birds are so connected with this place. Capercailyes’ leks are the same for centuries and they come here every year in order to do their duty towards the nature. And if the man doesn’t stand on their way, nothing threatens them among these mountains. May the hills of Yacktali be the
very last stronghold of warm in the region of snowstorms and blizzards?

Awards: Special prize for the best landscape videoshootings (Prix Paysages) 21st International Ornithological Film Festival (France 2005); Prize for the best camera work The international festival “Rescue and Keep”, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

Bayerisches fernsehen
germany, 2005, 27 min, DvD
category: tv programmes
Written by: michael Bickl
Directors: felix Heidinger, andreas m. reinhard
cinematographers: Birgit Kruschwitz, Jo frohlich
music: Harald reitinger, Ultrich fisher
producers: Hannelore smirnov, Udo a. Zimmermann

Annotation: It is hard to believe that sea horses are classified as fish, says Felix Heidinger, carefully observing the delicate little animals with an underwater camera. There is, however, no doubt about it: sea horses breathe trough gills and have tiny transparent fins. Other than that, they have nothing in common with the quick and agile fish. Among the topical sea horse species, the males and females enter lifelong partnerships. And among all species of sea horses, only the male becomes pregnant and develops a round belly. They execute underwater courtship displays for days in advance with the female laying her eggs in the male’s brood pouch. This completes her duty as mother. Contractions begin after four weeks and the male expels hundreds of tiny babies from his pouch. The newborns emerge as independent miniature adults and drift with the current. This also goes for the sea horses of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea which were long thought to have been extinct. The extensive fields of sea grass on the ocean floor, their habitat, had been destroyed by extreme water pollution. However, some of our native sea horses survived this and were discovered in 1995. Gradually, in the course of a North Sea protection program, the sea grasses have been regaining a foothold. It appears that our sea horses in the north have good chances to adequately reproduce themselves.

Bayerisches Fernsehen
Germany, 2005, 27 min, DVD
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Michael Bickl
Directors: Felix Heidinger, Andreas M. Reinhard
Cinematographer: Wolfgang Seif
Music: Gerhard Bickl
Producers: Hannelore Smirnov, Kathrin Weirauch

Annotation: This time Felix Heidinger reports about primordial apes on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. There is a reintroduction center in the middle of a national park where orphaned orangutans are brought up and prepared for independent life in their natural habitat. Felix experiences the aid workers at the center celebrating success. Santi, a young female orangutan has made a surprise visit. Santi had lived there at the center for a few years and had disappeared in the
national park after having been set free eight months earlier. Everyone had expected the worst. She is there now – and not alone. She is holding a tiny baby in her arms. Offspring, such as Santi’s first baby, is a rare occurrence nowadays – a Sumatran orangutan born in the wild. There at the center, they are hoping the other young orangutans they are caring for will also venture the leap into freedom. The jungle is an unfamiliar, awe-inspiring territory for all of the fosterlings. They had been captured by poachers as babies and separated from their mothers. They were sold and then kept by their owners as pets. At the reintroduction center they want to retrain them to become “the people of the forest”. That is what orangutan means in Indonesian. The keepers work with the young apes on a daily basis. The apes learn how to climb trees, find
suitable places to sleep and how to feed themselves. Of the forty orangutans at the center, a good number of them have already been set free. Some have failed and have had to be taken in again. While others, such as the young mother Santi, roam through the national park as “people of the forest” and are rarely, if at all, seen in the vicinity of orangutan reintroduction center in the national park.

Bora Bora production
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 16 min, mini DV
Category: Documentary
Written by: Irena Ristic
Director: Milorad Djuknic
Cinematographer: Milorad Djuknic
Music: Goran Redjepi
Producer: Bruno Bratovic

Annotation: They used to say he comes out from the fire - in the dark night, when ember catches the branches and the fire starts to sparkle. By fire they knew him… By fire they remembered him… By fire…they named him FIRE SALAMANDER.
Long time ago, male Fire Salamanders practiced ritual duels before mating. Unfortunately, in this forest there are no more duels. There are only two Salamanders left and this is the one of them. His sense of smell reveals him that the other one is a female. The water looks and tastes different than in the old days. It has been polluted. The smell of rot confused him. Everything has changed since the people entered the forest. Fortunately, his first impulse did not deceive him. They seam like each other. After they mate, the female will stay gravid till next spring. The female gives birth to 10 to 30 well-developed larvae in the spring. The metamorphosis in adults starts after 3 months. That’s right, he became a father and this is his family. This is his baby boy, the only child that survived. It will take him few more months to strengthen, but the father is here for him…just in case. But, will they be fortunate enough to see a next generation? Half of the forests that originally covered 48 percent of the Earth’s land surface are gone. Only one-fifth of the Earth’s original forests remain pristine and undisturbed.

Austria, 2005, 49:43 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Sabine Holzer
Director: Karl Koenigsberger
Cinematographer: Tommi Szommer,
Herbert Koenigsberger, Istvan Nadaskay,
Gerhard Pock, Markus Zeugin
Music: Erwin Kiennast
Producer: Karl Koenigsberger
Distributor: ORF

Annotation: This programme tells the story of a bird known and loved by everyone: the white stork. This delightful documentary shows the storks in their hardly known winter quarters in Africa, accompanies them on their flight back north and follows them to various habitats across Europe. To the lush wetlands along the river March, just a few miles outside Vienna, where one of Europe’s biggest colonies of tree-nesting storks congregates on mighty oak trees to raise their young, as well as to Spain, Western Europe’s number one stork country, with the largest breeding colonies conquering every possible niche. Innovative camera techniques provide amazing insights into breeding behaviour, hatching and stork migration, placing the viewer smack in the middle of true stork life.

Awards: Prix Paysages - Menigoute, France

Profile Agency, PR Project Consultant
Bulgaria, 2005, 17 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nevena Peycheva, Jordanka Dakova
Director: Mariana Georgieva
Cinematographer: Emilian Dinov, Kalin Jivkov
Music: Savina Atanasova
Producer: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,
National Forestry Board
Distributor: Profile Agency, PR Project Consultant

Annotation: The “Forestry: Fuel Switch Pilot Project” is financed by Japan Trust Fund Climate Cgange Initiatives of the World Bank and it is implemented by the Ministry of Agliculture and Forestry/National Forestry Board. The Pilot Project is carried out under the Join Implementation Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. The “Forestry: Fuel Switch Pilot Project” goals at promotion of forest management activities by utilizing woody biomass, reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, as well as achievement of economic and social effect from conventional-to-renewable fuel switch. The Project sites are three municipal buildings in the town of Ardino.

TV5 Uzice
Serbia and Montenegro, 2003, 10 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Dragan Panic Panja
Director: Dragan Panic Panja
Cinematographer: Dragan Panic Panja
Producer: Predrag V. Kovacevic
Distributor: TV5 Uzice

Annotation: The “Vrelo” is the shortest river in the world. It is 365 meters long and because of that strange coincidence between days and length the “Vrelo” is also known as “The river of the years”. Awards: Diploma for Great Contribution in Keeping Serbian Tradition, MEFEST-SCG 2003

Hungary, 2005, 52 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Veronika Nemes
Director: Marcell Zsolt Toth
Cinematographer: Marcell Zsolt Toth, Attila David
Music: Attila Merkaba Matyas
Producer: Marcell Zsolt Toth, Veronika Nemes

Annotation: Global warming now threatens our planet’s ecosystems and its cultures from the Tropics to the Poles. With climate change altering the Arctic’s fragile food chain, the Inuit inhabitants of the inhospitable frozen North are being forced to abandon their thousand year old traditions and lifestyle. As coral reefs decay, the atolls and the little known island cultures they have protected become the prey of oceanic currents

Priroda Nazaem Association, Prina Consult
Bulgaria, 2006, 9 min, DVD
Category: Video Spots
Written by: Bistra Boneva, Ivan Kojuharov
Director: Ivan Kojuharov
Cinematographer: Ivan Kojuharov
Producer: Dobrich Municipality

Annotation: 4 short videos with different duration each, produced as part of municipality campaign on waste separation management.

Konsum Transpress Ltd.
Bulgaria, 2006, 27 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Liubomir Gaidarsky, Dimitar
Director: Lozan Jordanov
Cinematographer: Hristo Bozadjiev
Music: Maga
Producer: Dimitar Dimitrov, Liubomir
Distributor: Konsum Transpress Ltd.

Annotation: Weekly TV programme that aims at development of higher cultural standards for fishing, hunting and protection of the environment and biological diversity in Bulgaria.

Compound Eye Productions
Hungary, 2005, 26 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Dr. Csoka Gyorgy
Director: Mosonyi Szabolcs
Cinematographer: Mosonyi Szabolcs
Producer: Compound Eye Productions
Distributor: Compound Eye Productions
Annotation: The European forests are habitats of many hundreds of species. Owing to its huge reproduction ability and body build, the Gypsy Moth conquered Europe, then North America by man’s unintentional assistance. Reproduction in mass of the Gypsy Moth has been experienced in several countries of Europe and North Africa. The oak forests are most threatened by defoliation but the warm and draughty years create perfect conditions for the Gypsy Moth to reach the pinewood forests situated in higher areas. And after the forests are chewed naked the moths invade the fruit gardens of the nearby settlements. That’s how it happened in Hungary – the greatest increasing in 2004 and 2005.

Kern TV, Video-and Filmproduction
Germany, 2005, 58 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Leslie Franke
Director: Leslie Franke, Hermann Lorenz
Cinematographer: Hermann Lorenz
Music: Dagefoer
Producer: Hermann Lorenz
Distributor: Uli Brodbek

Annotation: Water - the origin of life. The human being consists mostly of water, therefore our health and wellbeing is highly dependent on the quality of our drinking water. As European communities sink further into debt and the EU pushes toward liberalization, the privatisation of the “liquid of life” inevitably moves closer. The film “H2O for sale” shows how the privatisation of the “Blue Gold” affects the quality of drinking water for people in England and also compares it to cities
within Germany. The history of privatisation of its water works is long in England. The consequences in the name of big profits are huge: Thousands of jobs have been terminated and costs have been cut to increase efficiency but the communities have had to carry the immense costs of the unemployment. Is it really effective to save on the investments? For the profit - absolutely, but what about the quality of the water and the 30% leakage rates? Nevertheless German communities like Berlin are selling their Blue Gold in spite to get out of their debts. Civil resistance is standing up.

Awards: Audience Award Oekofilmtour 2006

Nova TV
Bulgaria, 2006, 20 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Marta Evtimova
Director: Jeni Bojilova
Producer: Nova TV

Annotation: In the “Duel” rubric the topic was “Can BGN 23 millions resolve the problem with the trash of Sofia?” It is because of the proposal of Boiko Borissov, the mayor of Sofia to give to the inhabitants of Suhodol, Trebitch and Mramor BGN 23 millions for a place to collect the trash. The discussion was helpful to extract the arguments “for” and “against”, as well as for presenting to the public more opinions for resolving the case.

Nova TV
Bulgaria, 2006, 60 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Milen Tzvetkov, Ivo Todorov
Director: Tara Nuri-Ivanova
Cinematographer: Rosen Iliev
Music: Maria Nikolova
Producer: Ivan Todorov

Annotation: In the following edition of “The hour of Milen Tzvetkov” was discussed the ecologic effect over the citizens of Chelopech town caused by the extractions of gold with cyanide by Chelopech Mining company.

Awards: 1st Prix for Publicizm, International Media Events, Albena 2004

Production Center “Horosho Production”
Russia, 2002, 52 min, betacam SP Pal,
Category: Documentary
Written by: V. Tur
Director: A. Saruicheva
Cinematographer: A. Zimin
Music: compilation
Producer: N. Ivanova
Distributor: Production Center “Horosho

Annotation: A unique documentary giving an insight into virtually unknown treasures of Middle-East culture: the ancient monuments of Iraq.

Awards:Nomination Diploma, 5 Euro-Asian Tele Forum of the CIS and Baltic States, 2002

Ramanujam Foundation
India, 2004, 0:50 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Sathya
Director: Sathya
Music: Premanand
Producer: Ramanujam Foundation

Annotation: Talks about tree felling and the awareness related to it.

Awards: Best animated Frames - Social Welfare Category, 2005, Mumbai, India; Best Animation - Vatavaran 2005, New Delhi, India

Belarusian Videocenter
Belarus, 2005, 13 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Igor Byshnev
Director: Igor Byshnev
Cinematographer: Pavel Zubrickey
Music: Vladimir Sivickey
Producer: Belarusian Videocenter

Annotation: For the last 10 years, those giants have explored more then 10 thousand hectares of the Plessje Radioecological Reserve... In 1996, the 10th year after the catastrophe, the people delivered here the first 16 aurochs in order to set up another free herd of Belarus. As of today, there are more then 40 aurochs in the zone. From now on, they and their are to live in conditions of an unprecedented experiment that was made by the Chernobyl disaster.

Apkom Emotion
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 15 min, DVD
Category: Film and TV Programmes dealing
with the ecological conditions in the Danube
River catchment basin
Written by: Lakic Miodrag
Director: Lakic Miodrag
Cinematographer: Lakic Miodrag
Music: Marko Tisovec
Producer: Apkom Emotion

Awards: Prize for ecological film – MEFEST, Kopaonik; Prize of the jury – Festival Podvodnog Filma, Belgrade

Austria, 2005, 52 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Harald Pokieser
Director: Harald Pokieser
Cinematographer: Harald Mittermueller
Music: Andy Baum, Wladimir Divljan
Producer: Harald Pokieser
Distributor: ORF

Annotation: Southeast Asia at is best. 85 % of the country is untouched nature, widespread forests, steep mountains and wide river valleys, but also cool high plateaus and savannahs. The primeval forests support a fauna like something out of a fairy tale, with elephants, tigers, leopards, and some of the rarest animal species on the planet. Species never seen by humans are discovered at regular intervals. In recent decades, the few large mammals to be described for the first time were all found in Indochina and experts assume that most of them are at home in Laos: wild oxen such as the saola and kuprey or the truong son munjak. No outsider has ever seen a living specimen of the latter; its existence is only known indirectly, through skeletons, horns and bagged game that are occasionally found in remote villages. And there is the Mekong, one of the last untamed rivers on earth. Fed by hindreds of tributaries, it is one of the richest freshwater system
on the planet, comparable only with the Congo or Amazon. This is where the Mekong catfish lives. At 3 meters long and weighing in at 300 kilograms, this monster must be the largest freshwater fish on earth.

All Time Productions
India, 2005, 22:30 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nutan Manmohan
Director: Nutan Manmohan
Cinematographer: S. Kumar, S. Nallamuthu
Music: Sameer Prasad
Producer: Nutan Manmohan
Distributor: All Time Productions

Annotation: The Asian vultures have seen the steepest crash for any bird species in the world. In fact, it is faster that that suffered by the Dodo before its extinction. With a declining rate of 95% in the last 6 years – scientists say vulture species will be extinct in South Asia, in the next five years. Without the vultures – disease would be rampant all over Asia and human existence could be threatened because in most parts of rural Asia they are the nature’s janitors… Solely responsible for the disposal of the dead cattle. The film covered every investigation and various scientists – as they tried to find out what’s killing this hardy bird. A story that follows the trail of the mystery deaths of vultures.

Awards: The Wild Wing Conservation Award UK, 2004; India National Award for Best Wild Life Film, Vatavaran 2005

Sea Turtle Restoration Project
USA, 2004, 28 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Stanley Minasian
Director: Stanley Minasian
Cinematographer: Stanley Minasian
Producer: Turtle Island Restoration Network
Distributor: Turtle Island Restoration Network

Annotation: “Last Journey for the Leatherback?” documents the incredible life of the leatherbacks – the largest species of sea turtle. Scientists predict that the giant Pacific leatherback sea turtle could vanish in the next 5 to 30 years. “Last Journey for the Leatherback?” features stunning underwater cinematography and interviews with leading marine scientists.

Radio Television of Serbia
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 26:10 min, DVD
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Ivan Popovic
Director: Ivan Popovic
Cinematographer: Petar Vujanic
Producer: Radio Television of Serbia
Distributor: Radio Television of Serbia

Annotation: The Pester plateau spreads out at the uttermost southwest part of The Republic of Serbia, with 63 square km of the land surface and the average height around 1200m above the sea surface. It represents the largest and the highest field of this kind at The Balkans. This dry limestone area of the cruel climate was the multiethnic environment for centuries. In spite of their religious beliefs or nationalities, people were simply referred to each other, resisting the cruel temper of nature
and carrying past a glory of its beauty. Pester plateau is the authentic beauty of nature at the edge of the civilization. The Village of Giljeva is placed at the edge of The Pester plateau. This village does not exist on the map of the new millennium. Its occupants are waiting! Electricity, water, television, telephone, asphalt roads, basics of civilized life are the things they had seen in their dreams, or had heard in the visitors’ stories. These people live upon their labour and their endless hope. The Village of Giljeva is the only place in the world they ever want to live.

TDA Technical Diving Academy

Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 25
min, DVD
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Tanja Jovanovic
Director: Tanja Jovanovic
Cinematographer: Tanja
Jovanovic, Mik Stevcic
Music: Boris Furduj
Producer: TDA
Distributor: TDA

Annotation: Sriving to bring nature into harmony with their needs, people have substantially changed the world they live in. It is clear now that some of those changes lead to serious damage as an aftermath. Awards: 1st prize on 1UW Festival in Velika Plana

Austria, 2005, 51:35 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Martin Meszaros, Klaus Feichtenberger
Director: Manfred Corinne
Cinematographer: Klaus Stefan, Hubert Kretschmer, Christian
Giesser, Franz Riess, Irmin Kerck, Bernhard Teufl, Gerhard Pock,
Thomas Foeger, Ken Dahlke, Alexander Zittner, Andreas Handl
Music: Christian Skokan, Roland Neuwirth, Wolfgang Ambros
Producer: Manfred Corinne
Distributor: ORF

Annotation: The Viennese Central Cemetery is the biggest and, historically, most significant cemetery in Europe. It is not only the resting place for innumerable politicians and great musicians such as Beethoven and Johann Strauss; it is also a wildly romantic jungle, a habitat for countless animals. This unusual setting for a nature documentary is introduced from the animal’s point of view. The hamster guides us through the world below the gravestones; the hawk reveals the activity from the air. Human visitors, funeral processions and tourists are all shown from an animal perspective. For the first time, this documentary explores the world behind the cast iron doors of the Viennese Central Cemetery – a fascinating habitat in a vast sea of graves.

Power of Earth TV & Film Productions
Austria, 2005, 39 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Dr. Kurt Muendl
Director: Dr. Kurt Muendl
Cinematographer: Dr. Kurt Muendl
Producer: Power of Earth

Annotation: On the Island of Madeira, geographically a part of Macronesia, a primeval forest region of extraordinary importance has been preserved, which has been designated as UNESCO world natural heritage. This effortful documentation
reports about the endangered species.

Studio Hamburg Produktion / NDR Naturfilm
Germany, 2005, 44 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Tobias Mennle
Director: Tobias Mennle
Cinematographer: Tobias Mennle
Music: Mark Joggerst
Producer: Joern Roever
Distributor: Parthenon Entertainment Ltd.

Annotation: Kazakhstan – about four times the size of Texas, in the heart of Central Asia. A vast and wild country – no where on Earth the sea is more distant than here. Endless meagre steppe but animals and people are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions. Where water exists you find an abundance of wildlife – a wild paradise like lake Tengis. This landscape will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Ten thousands of flamingos nest here, eagles patrol the sky and in the thick of it a group of real survivors make there living: a marmot family. We follow these endearing rodents over one year, show their hesitant start after the winter, the times of plenty in spring when millions of wild tulips bloom, the dangers of hot
summers and fierce predators like the rare steppe eagles and their preparations for the hibernation in early autumn. Come
and meet the marmots of Kazakhstan.

Austrian Broadcasting Corp.
Austria, 2005, 30 min, VHS
Category: Scientific
Producers: Lore Frey, Richard Mahr
Editors in Chief: Dr. Manfred Sterling, Gisela
Writers and Directors: Ivo Filatsch, Gerhard Roth,
Gunther Mayr, Tom Matzek, Ben Segenreich
Cinematographers: Ralf Hachmeister, Arun Kapoor,
Alex Limberger, David Lom, Ralf Rabenstein, Jean-Marc

Annotation: A comprehensive overview of the projects honoured with the international Energy Global Awards 2005 chosen among over 5000 submitted projects around the world in the categories Energy, Water, Air, Earth and Youth.

Fiks Fokus, Belgrade
Serbia and Montenegro, 2004, 35 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Miroslav Nikolic
Director: Miroslav Nikolic
Cinematographer: Drasko Plavsic, Miodrag Jelic
Music: Darunka Ristovic
Producer: Fiks Fokus, Belgrade
Distributor: Fiks Fokus, Belgrade

Annotation: In revolt against the termination of the name Yugoslavia, a man from Subotica Blashko Gabric (Yugo-nostalgic), declared his private land an independent state, making it a Mini-Yugoslavia. “I am a Yugoslav and no one has the right to terminate my state and my statehood without an appropriate referendum”. In front of his house, he hoisted the Ex-Yugoslav flag. From the local stone cutter, he ordered four border stones to put on each of the four corners of his estate and to
demark his small, private state.

Awards: Prize of the Jury for the best screenplay, Belgrade International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2004

Apkom Emotion
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 15 min, DVD
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Lakic Miodrag
Director: Lakic Miodrag
Cinematographer: Lakic Miodrag
Music: Marko Tisovec
Producer: Apkom Emotion

Italy, 2006, 34 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Teodoro Mercuri
Director: Teodoro Mercuri
Cinematographer: T.Mercuri, E.Valente
Music: MusicMedia Germany
Producer: Teodoro Mercuri
Distributor: Civil Protection Italy

Annotation: The natural phenomena and hazard are explained for public education in Earth Science field. A way to elevate the cultural level of people in Calabria (Italy) where these problems are very heavy and destructive.

Bora Bora production
Serbia and Montenegro, 2006, 6 min, mini DV
Category: Documentary
Written by: Milorad Djuknic
Director: Milorad Djuknic
Cinematographer: Milorad Djuknic
Producer: Bruno Bratovic

Annotation: Summer day on the beach and underwater world. A human noise…

Volny Veter
Russia, 2005, 1:45 min, DVD
Category: Video Spots
Written by: Konstantyn Kolokolov
Director: Konstantyn Kolokolov
Cinematographer: Vyacheslav Makarjiev
Producer: Konstantyn Kolokolov

Annotation: Theme of a video spot is propagation of refusal of smoking. By means of audiovisual of some danger of a bad habit to a human body is shown. The video spot is created at support of medical institutions of Ivanovo city.

T.ZS.M Film Productions
Hungary, 2005, 30 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Gabor Stodulka
Director: Marcell Zsolt Toth
Cinematographer: Marcell Zsolt Toth, Attila David
Music: Attila Merkaba Matyas
Producer: Marcell Zsolt Toth

Annotation: Of all the great rivers crossing the Carpathian Basin, the Tisza has always been the most mysterious one. Despite the big river-control projects carried out in the XIXth century, several sections of the Tisza still preserves its ancient and pristine beauty. Here, in this untouched wilderness a spectacular event takes place year after year.It is the swarming of
mayflies. The larvae of thissecretive insect lives in its underwater burrow for 3 years. When this uneventful period of time is over, something miraculous happens. As if they were given a special sign, the larvae leave their burrows, and head to the surface. They emerge the water in their thousands. They have nothing but one aim in front of their eyes: within the next few
hours, they have to find a partner, to mateand then lay their eggs. After this, they die. Their bodies fall into the water, and dragged away by the flow of Tisza... Join the National Park-ranger Zoltan Sallai, and witness the amazing flight of Mayflies. See the countless insects emerging from the Tisza, and watch them as they try to fulfill their ultimate mission: to reproduce.

Sweden, 2006, 32:10 min, mini DV
Category: Scientific
Written by: Andreas Rydbacken
Director: Andreas Rydbacken
Cinematographer: Andreas Rydbacken
Music: Narni
Producer: Martina Krueger
Distributor: Greenpeace

Annotation: For the people living in Greenland their country is not the same anymore. During the last decade the climate has changed dramatically and the disappearing sea ice is threatening the entire Inuit hunting culture. At the same time the melting glaciers are releasing more and more ice into the ocean, threatening the entire globe with sea level rise. This is a film about a Greenpeace expedition to Greenland in 2005, where scientists discovered that some of Greenland’s major glaciers have increased their speed at an alarming rate. Along the way, the Greenlanders tell their story of how the warmer climate has affected their lives.

USA, 2002, 6 min, DVD
Category: Video Spots
Written by: Bill Plympton
Director: Bill Plympton
Music: Amy Allison
Producer: Bill Plympton
Distributor: Sydney Neter

Annotation: A parking lot attendant loses his temper when his lot is invaded by a blade of grass, and a furious battle ensues

MSAT Television
Bulgaria, 2006, 30 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Veselin Vakov
Director: Yancho Yanchev
Cinematographer: Krasi L. Borisov
Producer: MSAT

Annotation: This is a film about people who constantly complain of the rubbish, the lack of places to collect the waste and in the same time people who keep throwing the litter everywhere: in the woods, on the street, places not used for this purpose. In entertaining way, this film is trying to search for the answer WHY DID IT HAPPEN?

Scandinature Films
Sweden, 2005, 52 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Bo Landin
Director: Zoltan Torok
Cinematographer: Jan Henriksson, Zoltan
Music: Alan Williams
Producer: Bo Landin, Zoltan Torok
Distributor: Scandinature Films

Annotation: Iceland is the only country to exist in both Europe and North America. Born out of the rift that splits the continents on the bottom of the Atlantic, slowly, but surely, Iceland is being split in half. This film focuses on the rarely filmed unique Icelandic wildlife and its interaction with the tough forces of nature and the probably even tougher people living on this island.

Belarus, 2004-2005, 1min, 1min, 0:52 min,
0:57 min, DVD
Category: Video Spots
Written by: Dmitry Komisarov, Natasha
Director: Natasha Golova
Cinematographer: Maxim Kurovsky, Viktor
Producer: Dmitry Soloduho

Annotation: Now we have not very clean air, earth, water and… hearts. Really. And every our fiction story tells about it.

Israel, 2004, 25 min, DVD
Category: Documentry
Written by: Miri Urman, Amit Miller
Director: Miri Urman, Amit Miller
Cinematographer: Momi Elbaz, Naphtaly Elbaz
Producer: Miri Urman, Amit Miller

Annotation: In an effort to block the construction of the Trans Israel Highway, a group of young Israeli environmentalists travel in a colorful truck throughout the country, urging people to focus on the health of the planet. Regarded as freaks by the general population, they receive a welcome reception in unexpected quarters: an Orthodox Jewish community and an Arab-Israeli town. The film speaks to the difficulties of raising environmental awareness in a society focused on other immediate concerns.

K2 Studio, S.R.O.
Slovakia, 2005, 54 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Pavol Barabas
Director: Pavol Barabas
Cinematographer: Pavol Barabas
Music: Michal Novinski
Producer: Pavol Barabas
Distributor: K2 Studio, S.R.O.

Annotation: New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. In the era of satellites, this country of mysteries, myths and undiscovered secrets hides behind green walls of impenetrable deep forest. In a labyrinth of dark swamps, people live high in the trees, in primitive conditions that have changed little since the Stone Age. The natives had not yet come in contact with white people, or with the conquests of our civilisation. Entering their territory is a dangerous adventure. These places are discussed quietly and with respect. According to the missionaries, the natives practice cannibalism… Awards: Best Festival Film - Go Kamera, Brno, Czech Republic, 2006; Public Prize - IMFF, Poprad, Slovakia, 2005; Prize - Camera Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovak republic, 2006

TV5 Uzice
Serbia and Montenegro, 2004, 19:30 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Dragan Panic Panja
Director: Dragan Panic Panja
Cinematographer: Dragan Panic Panja
Producer: Predrag V. Kovacevic
Distributor: TV5 Uzice

Annotation: The legend says that a long time ago, when Jerina the Damned ruled, people used to live in a village where the seeds sown did not grow out. They waited for it to sprout out but with no results. So, they said that the SEME (seeds) were GNJEVO (putrefied). A village in Zlatibor Region was named after this legend. But nowadays, some other sprouts made Semegnjevo (Putrefied seeds) the village of old people...

Awards: FESTEF-Serbia

TDA Technical Diving Academy
Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 6 min, DVD
Category: Video Spots
Written by: Tanja Jovanovic
Director: Tanja Jovanovic
Cinematographer: Dragan Pavlovic
Music: Boris Furduj
Producer: TDA
Distributor: TDA

Annotation: Pictures and music for enjoying…

Macedonian Television
Republic of Macedonia, 2006, 26 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Vladimir Arsovski
Director: I. Mitevski
Cinematographer: Slobodan Stojkov
Producer: Macedonian Television

Annotation: The film “Resurrection” is about Dojran Lake. In 1988 a great quantity of water was let out of it on request of the Greek farmers. This and the fact that the next 15 years were droughty resulted in lowering of the level and the lake started to look like a swamp. In 2002 a new hydro-system was put into operation, as a result of which 800 – 900 liters of water in a second were flowing from the “Gjavashko Pole” into the lake each day. This is a grandiose project for the Republic of Macedonia, because for the first time in the human history this is an example of how the man is bringing back to the nature something that belongs to it.

Raptor Protection of Slovakia
Slovakia, 2006, 26:12 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Jaroslav Mikus
Director: Jaroslav Mikus
Cinematographer: Jaroslav Mikus,
Leonidas Presinsky
Music: selected by Lygia Vojtkova
Producer: Jaroslav Mikus
Distributor: Raptor Protection of Slovakia

Annotation: The natural values in Slovakia are extraordinarily untouched. The country is still a land full of life, which you would search for in vain anywhere in the west. The members of the non-governmental organization Raptor Protection of Slovakia can tell you about it. They are watching the sky with hope every year in the spring. And soon, they find what they are looking for - the silhouette of an Imperial Eagle. The open space of the Panonnian lowland is its home. Who ever observes this eagle in open country will never forget this moment. Its beauty is seen not just in its flight, but also in the knowledge of how deeply humans affected its destiny. Its journey to the present has been anything but imperial. The film „Returning the Crown” describes the conservation problems of the globally endangered species Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca).

Spain, 2005, 58 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Begona De Luis
Director: Alfredo Hidalgo
Music: Julio Cesar Garcia
Producer: Manuel Grande
Distributor: RTVE

Annotation: The Duero River rises just below Urbion Peak at Fuentes del Duero. Here its volume is small. It is like a child, playful, gurgling, regaling us with reflections of gold. Later the clear water will change colour and form. It still has a long way to run. Almost 600 km through Castile-Leon, 100 along the border and 200 inside Portugal. For rivers, as Unamuno wrote, have faces and lives of their own. “A river’s vein of water is like consciousness for us, now rough and foaming, now full of mud, cloudy, opaque... now clear and crystalline, babbling here and there. Where there is water, the landscape is alive. The river’s water is a living consciousness. One can feel rivers live”.

All Time Productions
India, 2005, 26 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nutan Manmohan
Director: Nutan Manmohan
Cinematographer: Aamir Baker
Music: Sameer Prasad
Producer: Nutan Manmohan
Distributor: All Time Productions

Annotation: The film focuses on the murkier side of information technology. Tons of hazardous waste is seeping into India. A huge global business of deception has bloomed around the trade where rich I.T. companies pack off e-waste to poor countries. They unlawfully divert e-waste into illegal factories where millions of poor workers get exposed to carcinogenic fumes… A ringside view of how this menacing trade is destroying the environment and lives.

Awards: India National Award for Best Environment Film, Vatavaran 2005

Bidon Film, “For the Earth” Ecological Association
Bulgaria, 2006, 20 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nikola Boshnakov
Director: Nikola Boshnakov
Cinematographer: Jivka Petrakieva
Music: Nino Rota
Producer: Bulgaria without Cyanides Coalition
Distributor: “For the Earth” Ecological Association

Annotation: End of 2005: The East Rhodopi Mountains are threatened to be turned into a moon landscape and a cyanide dump by the Canadian company Dundee Precious Metals. However, the local people have objections... The East Rhodopi Mountains is a region in Bulgaria, unique with its landscapes, Mediterranean climate, abundant historical monuments and exceptional biological diversity. This place is now threatened by the plans of the Canadian Dundee Precious Metals to develop an open-pit gold mine and use cyanide in the extraction of the precious metal. The planned mine is to be located less that 3 km from the hospital of the nearby town, Krumovgrad, and the tailings pond for the waste cyanide pulp is designed be right above the water source zone of the town. “Silence is golden” presents the reactions of the concerned local community in their collision with the corporate morale of the Canadian gold company.

Bionaut Films
Czech Republic, 2005, 75 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Martin Marecek, Martin Skalsky
Director: Martin Marecek
Cinematographer: Juri Malek
Producer: Vratislav Slajer

Annotation: Baku in Azerbaijan, the site of the world’s first oil well, is once again becoming a focus for foreign investors eager to exploit the country’s vast oil riches. “Source” traces the pipeline from our commuter highways back to this surreal and sinister landscape on which our way of life depends, where cows graze on polluted land and children play in toxic gunge. With three quarters of the population living under the poverty line, the country’s post-Soviet government is promising oil will turn Azerbaijan into a “real country”, a prosperous and flourishing “New Kuwait”. But between big oil companies like British Petroleum and the corrupt government lining their pockets, what does this mean for the ordinary people of Azerbaijan? Is this “liquid gold” more of a curse than a blessing for this troubles country?

Awards: the Plzensky Prazdrij Audience Award and The Honorable mention of the Grand Jury, One World 2005; The Grand Prix and Award of the Ministry of Environment, Ekofilm 2005; MDR prize for the best Eastern European Films, Leipzig Film Festival; Audience Award, Best Czech Documentary Film, Jihlava IDFF; Josef velek’s Award, TSTTT; Award for Documentary Film of Czech Film and Television Association, Trilobit Beroun 2005

Spain, 2006, 10 min, DVD
Category: Film and TV Programmes dealing
with the ecological conditions in the Danube
River Catchment Basin
Written by: Roberto Butragueno
Director: Roberto Butragueno
Cinematographer: Maria Barroso
Music: Roberto Fernandez
Producer: Silvia Garcia Ramos
Distributor: Elamedia

Annotation: While everybody is searching the valuable stones, Mo is keeping yours on the bridge … until he sees the girl…

Belarusian Videocenter
Belarus, 2005, 26 min, DVD
Category: Scientific
Written by: Igor Byshnev
Director: Igor Byshnev
Cinematographer: Pavel Zubrickey, Igor
Producer: Belarusian Videocenter

Annotation: The storks and people have lived in Rovbitsk side by side for many years.

Austria, 2004, 48:41 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nick Upton
Director: Nick Upton
Cinematographer: Philip Lovel, Rolando Menardi
Music: Andreas Fabianek
Producer: Nick Upton, Michael Schlamberger
Distributor: BBC worldwide

Annotation: The spectacular mountainous island of Taiwan has long been buffeted by typhoons and shaken by earthquakes. Despite a recent storm of human progress, it has kept much of its beauty and remains one of the world’s most surprising wildlife hotspots. Its forested highlands are still home to bears, monkeys, anteaters, and a huge variety of little known creatures such as ferret badgers, flying squirrels, serows and civets. This revelatory film portrays the island’s remarkable beauty and unique cultural influences, and reveals how so many intriguing animals have survived Taiwan’s violent winds of change.

Awards: First Prize - Town of Sondrio Gold Plaque, Sondrio Festival, Italy

All Time Productions
India, 2006, 24 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Nutan Manmohan, Vivek Jaiswal
Director: Nutan Manmohan
Cinematographer: S. Nallamuthu
Music: Sameer Prasad
Producer: Nutan Manmohan
Distributor: All Time Productions

Annotation: It was India’s most successful conservation project for the estuarine crocodile, until it went horribly wrong… Deep in the Mangrove forests of Bhittarkanika – scientists tried to save the critically endangered salt water crocodiles by reaping and releasing them in the local rivers. Crocodiles bred from 13 to 3000… But this rare ecological success has become a nightmare for the people 400 villages around this area. Thirty people have died gory deaths after being pulled in by crocodiles who lurk in the murky rivulets… There is a rising tide of anger among the villagers who want to exterminate the crocs… A story of mananimal conflict and conservation dilemmas.

Nova TV
Bulgaria, 2005, 9 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Ina Galabova
Director: Cvetelina Jordanova
Cinematographer: Stefan Todorov
Producer: Nova TV

Annotation: People from one of the most stricken area in Bulgaria after the first flood, Bulgarane and Sanadinovo tell their stories. The swollen water from Osam river in March, 2005 tears the dikes and swamps the cultivate area around the two villages. Instead of giving preventive support the government gives it after the flood. But not all that these people need. In the very final of the TV report one man said “They promise us a lot but after the elections you will see that these are just empty words”.

MK Production
Bulgaria/Italy, 2006, 69 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Milena Kaneva
Director: Milena Kaneva
Cinematographer: Milena Kaneva
Music: Nikolai Ivanov-OM
Producer: Milena Kaneva

Annotation: ONE MAN, wanted by the law both in Burma and in Thailand, called KA HSAW WA. SLAVE LABOR, a common practice in BURMA, a country now called Myanmar, controlled by a military dictatorship. Two WESTERN CORPORATIONS making business deals with a junta infamous for HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. This is the story of the construction of the UNOCAL/TOTAL oil pipeline in Burma. An unprecedented legal battle will unfold in a US courtroom, shocking the world with its revelations. Fifteen plaintiffs who’ve never left the Burmese jungle will battle head-to-head with two corporate giants. The outcome of this struggle will profoundly affect the actions of corporations worldwide.

Awards: Vaclav Havel Special Prize for Human rights 2006 - One World Festival, Prague, March 2006

Germany, 2004, 74 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Herbert Ostwald
Director: Herbert Ostwald
Cinematographer: Roland Gocuel
Music: Hako – Gunter Wagener
Producer: Gruppe 5, S. Bridiabach
Distributo: ZDF

Annotation: The Rhine-Harzwald forest in the middle of Germany is like a call from the past, long forgotten. It is a maze that traps the imagination. Those who enter here fall under the spell of the ancient trees. In the centre of this fantastic Garden of Eden stands quite an extraordinary oak. This is the story of this tree and of its fellow giants.

il Luster Productions
The Netherlands, 2004, 4:30 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Scientific
Written by: Erik van Schaaik
Director: Erik van Schaaik
Cinematographer: Erik van Schaaik
Music: Martin Fondse
Producer: Jos-marien Jansen
Distributor: il Luster Productions

Annotation: Vent is a short comical animation about a man struggling agianst a storm. When the man suddenly meets a little girl, we discover that somebody is in control of that wind...

Awards: Nominated for a Golden Calf (Grand Price of the Dutch Film); for Best Short Film, at the Netherlands Film Festival 2004; Nominated for a Golden Calf (Grand Price of the Dutch Film); for Best Sound, at the Netherlands Film Festival 2004; An Honourable mention of the jury at the Berlin Internation Film Festival 2005; First prize at Bimini International Animation Festival (Latvia): Best film up to 5 minutes; Best Animation Award at Black & White Festival Portugal; Prix Fipresci, International Film Critics Award at Annecy Int. Animation Festival 2005; Kyoto Children’s Filmfestival (Japan), award for Best Short Film 2005; Award for Best Soundtrack at Festival Cinanima, Espinho (Portugal) 2005; Award for Best Soundtrack at RFAF Int Working Animated Film Festival (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 2006; Award for Best Animation Film at Taiwan Int. Children’s Film & TV Festival 2006

Balkan News Corporation - bTV
Bulgaria, 2005, 26 min, DVD
Category: TV Programmes
Written by: Venelin Petkov
Director: Venelin Petkov
Cinematographer: Petar Stoev, Valentin Nikolov
Music: VideoHelper Inc.
Producer: Gena Traykova

Annotation: In 2001 a tornado hit Bulgaria’s most visited mountain – Vitosha.
It destroyed several dozen hectares of spruce trees. Soon after the disaster the tornado swaths became breeding grounds for an aggressive beetle species called Ips typographus. In the following years the beetles moved out of the swaths and destroyed vast areas of spruce forest. The infestation is so massive that today scientists say all of the older spruces in the mountain will be killed by the beetles within the next few years. The people in the village of Bistritsa take a prominent place in the story. The village is located at the very foot of the mountain and its residents are afraid of erosion and landslides. They insist that urgent actions be taken which include removal of the dead trees and planting of new ones. However, scientists insist on the non-interference approach. The film is a clash of opinions based on emotions, traditions and scientific observations.

ARD - Kontraste
Germany, 2005, 6:51 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Michael Beyer, Chris Humbs
Director: Michael Beyer, Chris Humbs
Cinematographer: Martin Bochmann
Producer: Reinhard Borgmann

Annotation: The story is about immense public financial support by government of Saxonia to German company Muellermilch for investing and establishing 150 jobs in Saxonia. After public payment the company Muellermilch decided to close a branch/company near Hanover, which caused a reduction of 150 jobs.

The Turkish Radio and TV Corporation
Turkey, 2006, 30 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Canan Silleli
Director: Canan Silleli
Cinematographer: Cengiz Senel, Bulent Y?ld?z, Hayri Colasan
Producer: Korkmaz Gocmen

Annotation: The history of silkworm breeding in Turkey started about 1500 years ago. For a long time, it has been one of the main products of Bursa and its surroundings. In recent years, development of industry decreased the interest for silkworm breeding. However, there are some families in Bursa that still produce cocoons as a tradition. For instance, the Ihsaniye village of Bursa feels the same excitement every spring. The bedrooms and guest rooms of the house are emptied for silkworm production. This documentary film narrates the phases of silkworm production during those 1.5 months and the busy days of these families, who continue this business as a tradition even though they do not make much money.

Italy, 2005, 37 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Teodoro Mercuri, Angelo Camerlenghi
Director: Teodoro Mercuri
Cinematographer: Teodoro Mercuri
Producer: CNR-OGS

Annotation: The Antarctic was reached only at the beginning of the 20th century and is the only continent still largely unexplored. It was declared a scientific research territory in 1961. the Antarctic Treaty includes those countries that perform regular scientific activity there. As a result of its geographical position, physical characteristics, distance from pollution sources and an almost total absence of interference or disturbance by humans, the Antarctic is the best place for a thorough
study of the Earth.

Studio Hamburg Produktion / NDR Naturfilm
Germany, 2005/2006, 58 min, DVD
Category: Documentary
Written by: Oliver Goetzl
Director: Oliver Goetzl
Cinematographer: Ivo Noerenberg
Music: Oliver Heuss
Producer: Joern Roever
Distributor: Parthenon Entertainment Ltd.

Annotation: This one hour HD-special is a little wildlife filmmaking sensation: Meet one of the shyest predators of the Northern hemisphere: the wolverine. It is so elusive that even hunters rarely come across it. A mission impossible for a wildlife photographer? Not with a little help from a friend: photographer Antti Leinonen has followed for more than 18 years wolverines in Finland and has contrived a lot of tricks how to overcome the cleverness of the big marten. That way the director Oliver Goetzl and the cameraman Ivo Noerenberg were able to film wild wolverines for the first time and to create an intimate portrait of the „Hyenas of the North“.

RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Italy, 2005, 31 min, betacam SP Pal
Category: Documentary
Written by: Vincenzo Pergolizzi
Director: Vincenzo Pergolizzi
Cinematographer: Vincenzo Pergolizzi
Producer: RAI Educational - Galata Produzioni Culturali
Distributor: RAI Educational - Galata Produzioni Culturali

Annotation: The documentary is a report for RAI Educational programme “Un mondo a colori” (A World in Colours) about the illegal dismantling of the European poison ships in some hidden ports of the Turkish Aegean region. Lots of workers coming from Anatolian villages have often the only chance of a job in this seriously dangerous activity: some of the vessels of this toxic armada are laden with hazardous or even radioactive waste. There is a high rate of cancer and lung diseases among these workers. However, the European Union seems to ignore the dramatic reality of the toxic ships…

Awards: Prize for the courage in realizing an environmental movie (Green Vision, St. Petersburg, Russia) - Winner of the Golden Olive (1st Prize) at Bar Film Festival, Montenegro

Balkan News Corporation - bTV
Bulgaria, 2005, 26 min, DVD
Category: Film and TV Programmes dealing with the
ecological conditions in the Danube River Catchment
Written by: Diana Doncheva, Dimitar Anestev,
Konstantin Karadjov
Cinematographer: bTV News
Producer: Victoria Behar, Gena Traikova

Annotation: A documentary about the results of the BTV charity activity called “Your aid” aimed at people whose houses were destroyed during the floods in summer 2005 in Bulgaria. This documentary presents the stories of many families, whose lives were swept by the water and who received material support to return to their normal lives. Support provided by the BTV-viewers, who participated in the charity campaign

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