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The European Environment Festival Foundation initiates in 2008 a World Campaign for the creation of an “Olympic Forest” under the motto “Sport for an ecological world”. The Bulgarian World Initiative tends to plant 30 000 trees during the Olympic Games in each town-host of the Games. All participants in the biggest sport event will take part by planting a tree – symbol of their universal sport achievements with appeal for particular activities for cleaner nature.
The idea for creating of the “Olympic Forest” is part of the initiatives of the European Environment Festival Foundation in support of the global measures against the Climate Changes and protection of life on Earth. It is the idea of the Chairman of the Council of the Foundation - Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetanov, Attorney-of-Law who initiated a World Campaign for a Nobel Prize for Ecology at the beginning of 2007. The Bulgarian idea is supported by sportsmen, ecologists and intellectuals.
The Initiative Committee includes: Nevena Pramatarova – Founder and Manager of the European Environment Festival Foundation, Prof. Dr. Pjuzant Kasayian - Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Badminton and Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Prof. Dr. Luchezar Filipov – Deputy Director of the Institute for Space Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Yasen Borisov – Champion of Badminton and present coach of the National Badminton Team, Volodya Zlatev – Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Badminton at the State Agency for Youth and Sport and International Referee, Milen Evtimov – Judge of the Sofia District Court and Member of the Attestation Commission of the SDC, eng. Marinika Yakova.
The idea of the Foundation is the “Olympic Forest” to unite the world sport elite in the struggle against Climate Changes by engaging the public awareness on the current ecological issues. Planting of trees is part of the saving of the planet from the Climate Change and one of the most efficient ways for absorbing carbon dioxide, the main cause for air pollution. Therefore planting of trees by the most famous sportsmen in the world, among which are the new Olympic Champions, will become attractive example for the millions of people especially for the young generation for including the sport and the world sport idols in the noble cause for saving the planet.
The Foundation received a special letter by the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee – Mr. Jacques Rogge in support of the launched campaign.
The appeal of the Initiative Committee is for wide support by the public and media of the World Campaign and is convinced in its successful realization.

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