The Foundation initiatives a Worldwide Campaign of a Nobel Prize for Ecology at the beginning of 2007.
Statement by Tzvetan Tzvetanov, Attorney-at-Law – Chairman of the Board of the Foundation:


The developing civil society here has been increasing its influence on the country’s political, social and economic development and on people’s life of the day. However, ecology and protection of environment are having a particular importance for every Bulgarian today.
Certainly this concerns all people over the world. We are witnessing grave economic problems caused by Climate Change and Global Warming as a result of noxious gas emissions. There emerge challenges linked with the use and shortage of water resources on earth, the conservation of biodiversity, the purity of air, soil and nature. There are many problems caused by noise and the treatment of industrial and household waste and the dumping of electronic waste products. We can find industrial waste even in space.
We have seen unheard-of calamities like tidal waves, floods and hurricanes that took the life of hundreds of thousands of human beings. The world is now aware that ecology, the protection of environment and the fate of the earth are the most important mission of humanity in the 21st century. This is a mission to protect the humans’ most important right: the right to live!
Humanity is proud of the achievements of science, literature and the arts. That is why it distinguishes the world’s most merited and talented citizens with recognition and noble prizes. The brightest among them are the Nobel Prizes, awarded each year for contributions in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace as well as for achievements in economic sciences. But there is no Nobel Prize for Ecology.
We are convinced that the time has come and it makes sense to institute a Nobel Prize for Ecology. This will fill in not only a real gap in distinguishing the highest values of present-day human civilization, but will also encourage the noble mission of protecting life on earth by conserving its living environment and nature.
This is our proposal: to launch a global campaign for the institution of a Nobel Prize for Ecology to be awarded each year to the most distinguished personalities who have made their exceptional contribution to ecology and the conservation of environment.
We believe you will support our proposal.

Yours Sincerely:
Tzvetan Tzvetanov -
Chairman of the Board of the
European Environment Festival Foundation


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